This is the main course site for Principles of Literary Study: Prose (359:202), taught by Andrew Goldstone and Caleb DeLorme.

Handout for 10/2

October 2: Shelley (4).

Texts of both the 1818 and 1831 Frankensteins are available in the Romantic Circles digital edition. The same site links to a digital collation of all the differences between the two.

The Shelley-Godwin Archive hosts a very impressive facsimile and transcription of the surviving Frankenstein manuscripts, together with lots of supplemental material. You can see what Shelley’s manuscript with Percy Shelley’s emendations looks like (and you can see just how complex the textual situation of this novel is).

Handout for 9/18

September 18: Austen (4). Character and character-system: round and flat, major and minor. Is it good to be rounded? If Catherine’s roundedness consists in her educability, what is it that she is supposed to have learned?